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We are an operating cofounder to start ups, helping entrepreneurs design, build, and scale their startups the best way possible.


Become a go to partner for founders building companies at scale

Our vision is to become a go-to place for entrepreneurial people to build on ideas, but also take it to scale.

What We Do

Bet on founders all the way

YE Stack bets on founders with potential and help them build ventures to create value for customers, team members, and investors. We have a unique venture studio model with a strong value system and community to build valuable enterprises.

So what is a Venture Studio?

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With public markets stumbling and ongoing recessionary fears, corporates and public companies are faced with a new challenge: how to drive growth through innovation, whilst avoiding the higher-risk venture bets of recent years. The answer is in Venture Studios, an emerging asset class which targets venture-like returns, for a more private equity-like risk profile.

Venture studios see experienced entrepreneurs come together to ideate, fund and build multiple ventures in parallel.

Venture studios see experienced entrepreneurs come together to ideate, fund and build multiple ventures in parallel. Those that show limited potential are quickly killed, and those that quickly generate traction are spun out into the hands of specialist founders with deep experience building companies. In that respect, the type of talent seen in venture studios looks materially different to that typically seen inside a corporate structure, where the focus is overwhelmingly on operating & managing companies that are already operating at scale.

The studio team itself launches multiple ventures every year, rapidly spreading its risk exposure across a portfolio of bets, whilst creating cost efficiencies by operating shared services across all ventures and empowering ventures by providing elite-calibre, mission-critical skillsets on a fractional basis. As and when the individual ventures require capability, network access, talent acquisition or funding, they have it - and when they don’t need it, they avoid paying for it.

All parties have skin in the game, with both the venture studio team and the founders recruited into individual ventures sharing in the equity stakes taken in those companies. In this way, venture incentives mimic the successful models of incentivisation that have powered the success of startup ecosystems and the VC industry, and look materially different from the way corporate teams are typically incentivised.

This change in paradigm has powered perhaps the most critical feature in unlocking innovation as a genuine capability amongst established corporate partners: talent.

Because the studio operates ventures with appropriate governance and process/speed, and because it is led and operated by proven entrepreneurs, it is able to attract high quality, seasoned, entrepreneurial and risk-taking talent, who are used to and expect to operate in such environments. In this respect, game knows game, and whilst risk taking entrepreneurs tend to struggle in constraining corporate environments, they gravitate to others with entrepreneurial zeal, demonstrable success and proven talent. Great talent wants to work with other great talent, and venture studios have far greater magnetism to elite entrepreneurial talent than innovation roles within traditional corporate structures.

These proven company builders provide the critical capability unlock, previously unavailable to corporates, that dramatically increases the probability of success. The results are startling: startups coming out of Venture Studios are 30% more likely to succeed than startups founded ‘in the wild’.

Extracted from an article by Samuel Hall.  Read Full Article.


There's way more to the story

At YE Stack, we are more than just a startup accelerator or a venture capital firm. We are a community of changemakers who are building the future, one idea at a time. If you are an entrepreneur looking to make a difference in the world, we invite you to join us and be part of something truly special.

We believe that entrepreneurship is not a solitary journey, but a collaborative one. That's why we have created a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who share their knowledge, experience, and ideas to help each other succeed. Our community is open to anyone who shares our passion for entrepreneurship, regardless of their background, industry, or experience.

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