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The "Learn by doing" method at startups offering you tons of early experience. Take a step ahead of people of your age.

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An early headstart for aspirers

The vision of our Intern at YE Stack program is to provide students with real-world startup experience to develop their skills, gain exposure to a variety of roles, and form connections.

Who can apply?

Passionate students up for learning

Any student who is passionate about startups, has a strong work ethic and desire to learn, and is currently enrolled in a university program can apply.

What are the benefits?

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The key benefits of the program are as follows:

Hands-on Experience

Try out various roles up your alley

Learn from experienced mentors

Lots of experts in various domains to guide you

Work with a diverse team

A diverse team gices you way more exposure

Network with industry professionals

Build your network along with your skills

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