Mentor in Residence

Kocon - Webflow HTML website templateKocon - Webflow HTML website templateKocon - Webflow HTML website template

Showcase your expertise, be a mentor, and keep building amazing products with the Studio.

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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template


Plan your strategy and identify the fundamental

Provide startups with access to experienced mentors who can offer guidance and support throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Who can apply?

Anyone wanting to share their entrepreneurial experience

You're basically coming in, and help build more ventures to add in more value to the world. Here the value of your expertise would always be complemented with a team ready to take on various new challenges.

What are the benefits?

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Key takeaways from this program:

Keep Providing Value

Always be part of contributing more

Right Incentives

Right incentives are set for all mentors in exchange for their valuable time

Extend your network

Expand your network without more great individuals in our network

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