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Are you tired of the same old routine, day in and day out? Do you yearn for something more, something that truly ignites your passion and purpose? At YE Stack, we believe that every entrepreneur has the potential to build the future they envision. That's why we're dedicated to empowering and supporting our community of innovators and game-changers, providing them with the resources, tools, and network they need to succeed. From ideation to execution, we're here to help you turn your dreams into reality. So come join us and let's create a better tomorrow, today.

lets build a great product together


Venture talent that delivers like your dream team would

What if you could just turn on a squad of 2 – 7 Engineers + PM & Design who already have coaching, pairing, code reviews, and direct support from over 100s of consultants.

We work with founders to translate their ideas into amazing products. We manage everything starting from laying out the product blueprint to helping you launch and scale.

The Playbook

Building great applications is a monumental task. But if we break it down just right, with the right processes, you have an exciting journey up ahead. With all our expertise, we have set up a defined process that we follow to make sure we play the game right.


Building on the idea

We build on your idea to see how well it can solve the problem we're looking at and how we can pull a world-changing product out of it.


Making sure we're building the right product

We can't sometimes trust our brains. No matter how good we've defined the idea, we need to validate it with all the data out there, and this is a crucial process for the product in starting out right.


And now begins the magic of bringing it to life.

This is where our amazing team of designers, engineers, and all other builders get together to build an amazing product, one for the ages.

Testing & Deployment

We've got to make sure it all works all right.

Once development is done, we put the product through a rigorous period of testing, by following thorough testing processes to make sure that people have the best experience using it. Then it is made live.

Launch & Support

Making sure the product thrives.

A seamless journey means staying on track until the goals are achieved. Even once the product is launched, we keep an eye out for possible improvements and provide extensive support.

Our Tech Expertise


Vision AI, Voice AI, Generative AI

Our team of AI experts uses cutting-edge technologies such as vision AI, voice AI, and generative AI to create innovative solutions for businesses across various industries. Whether it's developing personalized recommendations for e-commerce platforms or automating mundane tasks for enterprises, our AI solutions are designed to improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template

Internet of Things

Electro-Mechanical Medical & Consumer Devices

YE Stack has a specialized team of engineers and developers who work on IoT projects, specifically electro-mechanical medical and consumer devices. Our team's expertise in this area allows us to develop intelligent devices that are capable of collecting and analyzing data to provide actionable insights. From wearable devices to smart home appliances, we work with businesses to bring their IoT products to market.


VR, AR, MR, CR, Metaverse, VFX

Our team of XR experts is dedicated to creating immersive experiences using technologies such as VR, AR, MR, CR, and VFX. We work with businesses to develop XR applications that can be used for training, marketing, and entertainment purposes. Our team's extensive knowledge of these technologies allows us to create experiences that are not only visually stunning but also functional and practical.

Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template


Crypto, DAOs, Defi, Dapps, NFTs

YE Stack's blockchain team specializes in developing solutions using blockchain technologies such as crypto, DAOs, Defi, Dapps, and NFTs. We work with businesses to create decentralized applications that are transparent, secure, and scalable. Our team's expertise in this area allows us to create innovative blockchain solutions that can revolutionize industries such as finance, real estate, and supply chain management.

Cloud, Web & Mobile

SaaS, EdTech, HealthTech, Social Impact

Our team of developers has extensive experience in building cloud-based, web-based, and mobile-based solutions for businesses across various industries. From developing SaaS platforms to educational technology solutions, we work with businesses to create products that are user-friendly and scalable. Our focus on social impact allows us to develop solutions that can address some of society's most pressing challenges, such as access to education and healthcare.

Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template

Our Tech Stack

Experienced team

Our tech development department boasts an experienced team of developers.

In-house team

We have an in-house team of developers, ensuring better coordination and communication.

Guarantee of quality work

We guarantee the delivery of quality work that meets the highest standards.

Safety comes first

Our team places safety of the code and product as the top priority during development.

Well thought-out code

All code is well-thought-out, ensuring that it is scalable and maintainable.

Monitoring & Deployment

Full deployment and monitoring services, ensuring that the product is ready for launch and after.


Our methodology is fairly simple and based on three key components.

Transparency. We maintain transparency with our clients by keeping them updated on the project's progress, sharing regular reports, and incorporating their feedback to ensure the product meets their expectations.

Agile Manifesto. We firmly believe in the Agile Methodology, which involves breaking down the project into small manageable tasks and consistently iterating on them to improve the product until it meets the specific requirements.

Continuous Learning. We believe in continuous learning and keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and technologies to offer our clients the best possible solutions. We also encourage our team members to learn and grow by providing training and development opportunities.

Kocon - Webflow HTML website template